As part of the Georgia Healthcare Coalition Assistance Program, the University of Georgia Institute for Disaster Management serves as the financial liaison between Georgia’s fourteen healthcare coalitions. UGA IDM assists these coalitions in supply procurement, class and training course logistics, and travel assistance to increase preparedness efforts in each respective region. For more information about this project, please contact

The Team

UGA: Curtis Harris, Kelli McCarthy and Kathy Shelnutt

DPH: Kelly Nadeau, Kutheria McKnight, April Shivers, Keisa Cobb, Melanie Wood and Frank Daniell

GHA: Adrianne Feinberg

GHCAP Coalition Handbook FY21

FY21 Acknowledgement of Handbook Receipt – Executive Committee

FY21 Acknowledgement of Handbook Receipt – HCC & HCF

FY21 Additional Project Approval Form

FY21 Airline Ticket Request Form

FY21 Approved Coalition Training Providers

FY21 Budget Allocation Redirection Form

FY21 Conference Registration Form

FY21 Documentation Checklist

FY21 Event Follow Up Form

FY21 Event Logistics Form

FY21 EVerify Form

FY21 Invoice Form

FY21 Purchase Order Form

FY21 Purchasing Resolution – HCC & HCF

FY21 Reimbursement Form

FY21 Selecting the Best Form – Decision Trees

FY21 Training Course Checklist

FY21 Training Course Form

FY21 Training Course Reallocation

FY21 Travel Reimbursement Form

FY21 UGA Consulting Agreement

FY21 Vendor Request Form – Individual Instructions

FY21 Vendor Request Form – Organization

For questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding purchasing, reimbursement, or services provided by UGA IDM, please contact the team via email at

For questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding budgets or the training course bidding process, please contact the team via email at